Water Damage Restoration Based On Damage Levels

April 26, 2022

water damage restoration santa rosaWhen Bravo Restoration handles the water damage restoration for your Santa Rosa home, we understand that no two instances are the same. Each water damage situation must be evaluated based on where the damage occurred, how much water is present, and how long it has been there which determines how much water has been absorbed by porous materials. There are four main levels of water damage that will determine restoration steps, and knowing which one your home falls into can help you gain a better understanding of just how water damage restoration will look for your home.

Water Damage Restoration in Santa Rosa

Level 1: This level describes water damage cases that have had little water absorption and small evaporation load – meaning that porous materials like wood, carpets, and walls  make up less than 5% of the affected area and instead materials like concrete, masonry, and plaster which can easily be evaporated sustained the majority of the damage. This level can also describe water damage situations that had small amounts of water that was not present long enough to be absorbed into materials. 

Level 2: Mid-range water absorption and evaporation load describe level 2 water damage, meaning this is more serious than level 1. In this level, water intrusion on porous materials ranges from 5% to 40% where low evaporation materials are still virtually unaffected. That being said, in order for adequate water damage restoration, the water absorbed by porous materials needs to be removed as soon as possible to mitigate any further damage, so trained and experienced technicians should handle water damage cases at this level.

Level 3:  This level is when the highest water absorption and evaporation load has been reached, so porous materials make up more than 40% of the affected area. While low evaporation materials have still absorbed little moisture at this level, those porous materials will need immediate action to reverse damage, if that is even still an option. By this point, many porous materials may need to be replaced. The best chances at restoring water damage for this level requires the use of commercial grade water extraction, air movers, dehumidifiers, and moisture detection equipment managed and run by trained professionals.

Level 4: This level often represents major water damage and flooding since it describes deep, unmoving water intrusion. Even low evaporation materials have absorbed a serious amount of water in this level, and often standing water has been present long enough to cause irreversible damage. Drying and ventilation will require professional tools and will even take more time. Specialized equipment and techniques should be utilized in order to achieve successful water damage restoration. 

Regardless of the level of damage, the only way to ensure your home gets the water damage restoration it needs is to begin that restoration right away. When you call Bravo Restoration, we are ready to respond to your water damage situation 24/7 so we can begin to remove and dry the water as quickly as possible. We understand the different levels of water damage and what each one requires to get your home back to normal. 

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