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Common Water Damage Restoration Mistakes To Avoid

May 4, 2022
water damage restoration santa rosa

water damage restoration santa rosaIt can be upsetting to see your home flooded. Your first reaction is to save whatever you can, then immediately begin cleaning the house. You will only consider contacting an emergency cleanup company after that. But, calling a qualified and reliable restoration service should be your first response. They will be equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to minimize the damage and finish the restoration process. If you delay water or flood damage cleanup or attempt to do it alone, you may make one or more of these frequent water damage mistakes.

Water Damage Restoration in Santa Rosa

Waiting Too Long

Water is a toxic element. It penetrates through rugs, cabinets, and cupboards, as well as flooring, walls, and drywall. The more you wait, the more moisture will continue to cause damage and cause further issues down the road. Often property owners try an initial cleanup by themselves and delay contacting a cleanup service while they contemplate whether they even need it or not. However, if water has seeped inside the building, it can lead to deadly mold and foundation damage. Skilled professionals can spot damage that is not visible and repair it.

Failing to Address the Cause of the Problem

You might believe that the flood was due to a broken pipe, and the cause might be something else. Although a burst pipe can appear to be the cause of the damage, there is usually an underlying issue that should be addressed in order to prevent more flooding. A professional restoration service will figure out what created the issue in the first place and fix the root of the issue.

Using the Wrong Equipment

When homeowners begin cleaning with common household items, they often make matters worse. Buckets, mops, brushes, and towels are ideal cleaning items for everyday use. Unfortunately, a flood is a rare occurrence that needs the use of specialized tools and equipment. Cleanup companies have specialized tools that pump the water, dehumidify, and purify huge areas. They can accomplish this in a short time to minimize water damage.

Overlooking Hidden Water Damage

A flooded property needs a comprehensive inspection to determine the actual damage. Damage can sometimes go undetected and only appear as minor stains or mold. Repair services have the necessary tools that reveal whether there is lingering moisture in floors and walls. Professionals will also inspect the building’s structural foundation to ensure that no irreversible damage has occurred. They will also sanitize the flooded areas to ensure mold will not grow.

Rather than making any of these mistakes, allow Bravo Restoration to handle your complete water damage cleanup. We use the greatest equipment on the market, and our specialists are highly trained, experienced, and qualified to deliver results that exceed your expectations. We understand how daunting water or flood damage could be, and how fast it can escalate and spread. That is why we provide disaster services 24/7 so that we can start restoring your home as soon as possible.

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