The Restoration Process & What to Expect

The Restoration Process

Step 1: Call Your Insurance Carrier

As soon as you become aware of damage to your home or business, call your insurance agent or carrier or the building owner to assess whether it is appropriate to register a claim.

It is important to understand your responsibility under your insurance policy.  Any questions that you may have may be addressed with your agent or adjuster if one is assigned to your claim.

Step 2: Call Bravo Restoration & Construction

Call BRC at ​707-377-3713 ​to schedule an inspection so we may build an estimate.

If it is an emergency, such as water has flooded your kitchen, we will have technicians on-site within 2 hours of receiving your call, anywhere within Sonoma or Marin counties.

When we are en route to your home for the first time, we will text you photos of the technicians who are on their way so you know who to expect.

With your authorization, will start work immediately.

Once your property has been dried down we will provide an invoice for the work completed.

BRC’s office business hours are 7:30 – 4:30 Monday to Friday and our emergency service is also available AT ALL OTHER TIMES, 365 days a year.

Step 3: Walkthrough & Documentation of Loss

When the BRC technician or estimator arrives at your property, we recommend you walk through your home with them and thoroughly discuss all the affected areas of your home.

We will take pictures and notes of the visually affected areas and if necessary, may sketch or even capture a full 3D walkthrough of the building. The technician onsite will verify water damage visible to the eye with their moisture meter.

Step 4: Estimate & Work Authorization

Our BRC technician or estimator ​will evaluate the work and any equipment needed to restore your home and will create a complete scope of the job;

  • We will provide you with an estimate for our services and if you then wish to proceed, we will send you a contract to digitally sign on Docusign with a proposed start date. You will receive the estimate within 48 hours of inspection (if the scope of work is extensive, the time may be delayed. Please verify with the inspector).
  • It’s important to be aware that we cannot begin work without having the contract signed by a person duly authorized.
  • If you have water damage, which is considered an emergency service, a work authorization will need to be signed and we will proceed with the necessary demo and set equipment to dry down the remaining materials. Again this would be invoiced once the dry down is completed.
  • During the project, we may use ProAssist to communicate with you if you prefer to receive text messages.  ProAssist can notify you when a technician is on the way to your property or home.
Step 5: Certificate of Satisfaction

If we have addressed water damage, we will make sure to closely reinspect and test the area that we worked on with moisture meters daily to monitor the dry down progress. This will be done until no moisture or dampness remains in the affected area.

When the job is completed we will follow up with a ​Certificate of Satisfaction (COS) that is to be signed by you confirming all the work BRC promised to do has been completed.

The next section applies when repairs are needed…

The Repairs Process



Our construction team will begin repairing the property after the restoration team has completed its work and once the repairs estimate has been approved.

Construction will be needed if our mitigation team needed to do any removal of the existing structure in order to remedy the damage.

This will also be the first step for anyone who is looking to engage BRC for a home remodeling project. You do not need to have a restoration job with BRC to use us for construction.

Step 6: Construction Estimate

Our construction estimator will then be scheduled to go back into your property for an estimate.

They will walk around to inspect the area and take pictures and send the estimate within 24 to 48 hours.

Step 7: Sign Contract

Upon your acceptance of the estimate, our team will provide you with a contract;

  • It will need to be reviewed and sign before they can start the work
  • The contract will include a start date and an expected completion date
Step 8: Certificate of Satisfaction

Once the job is completed you will receive a Certificate of Satisfaction (COS) that is to be signed by you confirming all the work BRC promised to do has been completed.

Feedback is also greatly appreciated via google or yelp or our Facebook page because we take great pride in our work and want as many people to know if you felt well-looked after.

Important reminders:

Please be aware every repair or restoration situation is different. BRC’s team can be in your home for a couple of days or possibly weeks depending on the severeness of the damage to your property or home

  • If we need to do any demolition work we will first have to test your home for asbestos if the home was built before 1980
  • If we are removing microbial damage (mold) or if there is microbial damage or mold discovered, our mitigation team will follow specific guidelines set by the IICRC to remove and clean the affected areas. Once the mold has been properly removed you can have clearance testing done to confirm the area is clear from mold. Testing is optional and we can coordinate testing with one of our recommended hygienists if needed.
  • Construction can also take days or weeks depending on the scope of the work, the supplies needed, and the use of sub-contractors. Most work we complete in-house, but may need to coordinate with sub-contractors like electricians, plumbers, etc.