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Commercial & Residential

Emergency Board-Up

Count on BRC for 24/7 Board-Up Services

Damage to your property doesn’t always happen during regular business hours. BRC’s team of board-up specialists are available 24 hours a day to respond to your emergency. You shouldn’t have to wait to get the help you need to protect your property and prevent further damage.

Protect Your Property

Storm damage, fire damage, and structural damage from a vehicle impact or falling tree can leave your property vulnerable to the elements. Cover and secure any openings to put a stop to ongoing damage.

Prevent Theft and Vandalism

Damaged properties are a magnet for theft, vandalism, and other crimes. Protect your property and your belongings by securing doors, windows, and other openings until they can be repaired.

Secure Your Property Now

BRC provides emergency board-up services 24 hours a day. Our experienced crew will respond as soon as possible with all the equipment and supplies needed to secure your property right away.

Don’t risk additional damage or loss to your property. Give us a call anytime, day or night, and we’ll be there for you.

Call Your Local, Professional Water Damage Team

We take great care of our Northern California neighbors, and when disaster strikes we are here for you. If you have water damage in your home or office, do not hesitate to call Bravo Restoration. Our team is on call 24/7 and will act fact to significantly mitigate the damage and restore your property as quickly as possible.

We sincerely hope you never have to use our service — but if you do, we’re here to help. Get in touch with Bravo Restoration & Construction at 707-377-3713 to speak with one of our expert staff any time, day or night.