How To Prevent Mold Growth

April 7, 2023

mold removal santa rosaMold growth is more than a nuisance to find, but becomes a danger to a person’s health and the integrity of a home when it begins to spread. Unfortunately, mold can quickly begin its growth, as it can enter through open doorways, windows, vents, and heating and air conditioning systems. Mold in the air outside can also attach itself to clothing, shoes, and pets and can be carried indoors. It will attach itself to anything moist and begin to take over. If it is not taken care of quickly, it will consume your life and home. 

Mold Removal – Santa Rosa

Knowing that mold can be so disastrous, it would be beneficial to understand how to prevent it in the first place. With vital knowledge, you may never have to deal with mold removal. 

Indoor Humidity

When humidity levels are consistently reaching over 60%, the home will experience the adverse effects of high humidity, such as condensation. Excess moisture in your home will always lead to mold growth, mainly if the humidity stays high. A hydrometer is a great tool to use to measure the humidity levels in your home so that you can take steps to reduce the moisture in your home.

If it is discovered that the area has too much moisture in the air, you have a variety of options to reduce them. Air conditioners and dehumidifiers can be used and kept on to remove moisture and utilize exhaust fans in the bathroom, laundry room, and kitchen. 

Improve Air Flow

Excess moisture is more likely to appear on your walls and ceiling if your home has poor air circulation. Poor airflow can stem from your home being unable to stay at a consistent temperature. When the temperature in your home constantly changes, it creates the opportunity for condensation. As the temperature rises, the amount of moisture that can be included in the air also increases. If you need to lower the temperature in your home, do so slowly, and try to keep the temperature constant. 

Dry Wet Spots ASAP

Mold thrives on any damp areas in your home. Neglectable water damage is more likely to damage personal possessions and valuables. Moreover, the longer water is left to sit, the harder it will be to get rid of, leading to a higher cost of restoration services. Things in your home, like drywall, ceiling tiles, and flooring, will be affected by flooding and most likely need to be replaced if left untreated for over 24 hours.

Even in daily occurrences, the potential of mold growth needs to be watched for. Wherever water is being used, mold can follow if the water isn’t cleaned up properly. After taking a shower, make sure that all condensation is cleared out of the bathroom with proper ventilation, and don’t leave puddles on the floor behind. Additionally, ensure that any clothes or towels left out to dry are done in a well-ventilated area. Moisture from these articles can encourage mold growth. 

Though there are preventative measures that can be taken to avoid mold growth, sometimes water damage and mold can go unnoticed. It can grow within the walls, crawlspaces, attics, floors, etc. Homeowners can’t see these places regularly, so they often go unnoticed. Though the thought of mold growth in a home can be daunting, professionals at Bravo Restoration are readily available to assist you with mold removal and ensure your and your home’s safety.

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