Water Damage Repair in Santa Rosa – What Does Mold Look Like?

September 20, 2017

Mold is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. You walk into the basement to be enveloped by an unpleasant and pungent odor that leads you to a patch of furry and dark growth hanging on the wall. Yes, you have mold. Unfortunately, it can take years before you actually discover that you have been living with mold. Bravo Restoration & Construction provide a guide on how to know if you have mold, and when you should call for water damage restoration repair in Santa Rosa.

Strange Odors

Visible or otherwise, mold emits a rather unusual and unpleasant odor. If an area in your house smells musty for days, the probability of the presence of mold is high. Simply follow the odor to the spot where it is strongest and get it removed as soon as you discover it. If the mold is in an unreachable place or inside the walls, you may need to seek the services of a company that provides mold and water damage repair in Santa Rosa.

Mold Growth

There are dozens of varieties of mold, and it is dangerous for those who are not trained professionals to identify the type, based on its size, shape, and color. It can sometimes appear as a dark furry growth or just a black stain. At times, mold looks like black, orange, green or even white specks. Look out for any out-of-the-ordinary flakes that are multicolored in your home. You must inspect waterlogged and moist areas for signs of mold. Like any other fungus, mold thrives in cool, moist and damp areas and therefore you can safely limit your search to areas affected by moisture. You may also call in a reputed company that offers services such as mold removal and water damage repair in Santa Rosa, to get rid of mold in your home.

Water Leaks

Wherever there is a leak, there is bound to be mold. Leaking pipes and leaking ceilings are places in your house where you are sure to find mold. However, mold growths from leaks are often hidden behind walls and ceilings. For instance, a leak behind a wall is bound to be hidden by the wall itself and will not be visible. If you have doubts that you may have mold behind a surface such as a wall, call in a reputed service provider who offers water damage repair in Santa Rosa.

Bravo Restoration & Construction Can Help

If left unattended, mold can also turn toxic and cause symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, and nausea in those who live in the house. It is therefore prudent that you opt for mold and water damage repair in Santa Rosa as soon as you suspect that you have mold at your home. Contact Bravo Restoration & Construction, and our water damage and mold removal specialists will help you restore your home – good as new.

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