Water Damage Restoration Costs – Tips For Santa Rosa Homeowners

August 3, 2022

water damage restoration santa rosaWater damage restoration decisions for Santa Rosa homeowners should focus on what to do after a huge flood in your household, and prioritize your safety and health. Aside from the chaos and damaged belongings, a flooded basement can pose hazards that normally require extra precautions. Bacteria and illnesses from sewage water as well as other contaminants can enter the building depending on the origin of the water. Flooding could also disrupt your property’s electrical and gas systems, posing a risk of electric shock and fire. Here are several crucial things to do following a flood to lessen the damage to the property and protect loved ones.

Water Damage Restoration in Santa Rosa

Turn Off the Power

If your home begins to flood, the very first thing you need to do to safeguard yourself as well as your family is to turn off all electricity to the potentially flooded regions. Even when the flood waters haven’t yet reached the outlets, the threat of electrocution while working in the area remains high. If your home is starting to flood, turn off basement appliances like the freezer, furnace, washer, and dryer. During severe storms, you must also turn off the power to these areas. Be much more cautious when dealing with power during a flood.

Examine Your Sump Pump

Inspecting your sump pump on a regular basis can help you avoid flooding on your property. Clean the pit and pump before testing it with water. Check that the discharge pipe is delivering water a few feet away from the building to a well-drained region that slopes down from your home. If the outlet is way too close to your building’s foundation, the water may slip back towards the property and overflow into the foundation.

Prevent Sewage Backup

Sewer backups typically occur when rainwater fills the sanitary sewer, overloading the system. Backflow into the property occurs as a result of the overload, normally through the basement. To avoid this happening in your house, plug or cap all sewage openings in the basement, including floor drains, showers, sinks, toilets, and so on. You could use expandable plugs, wooden plugs, screwed caps, or any other options.

Transfer Valuables to a Higher Level

Another preventive measure to take to reduce flood damage is to put your personal belongings in a higher location. Photographs albums, tax records or other financial records, and domestic inventories should always be stored on top shelves or in plastic, waterproof bins. Vital paperwork should always be stored in a less vulnerable location that is less likely to flood.

Call Bravo Restoration for Immediate Assistance

Following a flood in your house, the actions you take are essential to safeguard your house and keep your loved ones safe from possible dangers. If you require immediate water damage restoration in Santa Rosa, contact Bravo Restoration. Our services include flood damage and water damage restoration 24/7, and we always use the best techniques, professionals, and tools to get your household dry, secure, and clean as quickly as possible. Call Bravo Restoration today.

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