Examining Your Home for Hidden Water Damage

July 8, 2022

Water Damage Restoration Santa RosaWater leaks can happen for many reasons, and you should ensure you repair them right away to avoid huge foundation damage. The problem is that leakages are very often hidden and usually go unseen until it is too late. The consequences of finding hidden leakages too late might include rotting of wood, mold growth, as well as flooring damage. Knowing where the leak is most likely to appear can help you become more aware of its risk and also be cautious of it. Below is a list of places where hidden water damage may occur from our water repair experts.

Water Damage Restoration Santa Rosa

Below the Kitchen Sink

While you might expect a slow leak from beneath the sink to be obvious, the fact of the matter is that these drips can go undetected until a moldy smell develops. The odor is caused by mold or mildew growth, and the dark area beneath the sink can conceal pooling water for extended periods of time, making it much more difficult to discover hidden water damage.

Behind the Washing Machine

When looking for hidden water leakage, another obvious area to check is behind your house washer. The hoses connecting to the water pipes inside the wall behind the washing machine can deteriorate, resulting in leaks. This could happen during the initial setup or if the rubber washers within the connector break. A moldy or pungent smell and water pooling around the back of the washer are both obvious signs of a slow leak.


Water dripping on the walls is often the easiest and fastest way to detect a problem. Discoloration and stains on some of your house’s most exposed regions are always easily noticeable. Look for staining on window frames and also around the door while examining your walls. A big, unexpected stain on the walls could indicate major damage, such as a broken drain or pipe. Search for wall gaps; if water has soaked into the drywall, it could swell and then become soft to touch.


Check for signs of cracking, curling, or even missing shingles on your roof. After strong winds or rain, inspect your roof for any sign of damage. You could also have leakages or flaky shingles, which could lead to an increased risk of future property water damage. If you are living in colder places, check out for ice dams, which can end up forming on the roof and result in leaks when they melt.


Flood damage to floors usually happens due to many factors including overflowing sinks and bathtubs, home appliance floods, and leakages from leaky pipes. If you discover any warping or rattling on the floors, it is most likely caused by water.

Contact The Experts

If you encounter water damage, either due to defective appliances, flooding, or leakages, you should always act quickly to prevent significant water damage. If you need specialists in water damage restoration in Santa Rosa, call Bravo Restoration. Our qualified restoration professionals have the expertise and knowledge to locate and restore hidden water leaks. Call now!


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