Why and When Do You Require Fire Damage Restoration Service Work in Your Santa Rosa Home?

April 25, 2017

Fire damage restoration is a required service in many Santa Rosa homes. Property owners throughout the region face significant challenges in ensuring their home is safe for the long-term after a fire incident. And fire damage restoration services can ensure the optimal structure and environment for local families. To help guide local homeowners, we’re highlighting why and when you require fire damage restoration service work in your Santa Rosa property.

  • Repair Structural Issues

One of the most critical issues that can arise after a fire incident is the structure of the home can be weakened both by the fire and by the water the firefighters use to combat the blaze. Working with a qualified fire damage restoration service in Santa Rosa can ensure that all properties are protected and secured for the long-term.

  • Analyze Leaks

After a fire incident occurs, firefighters often use the home’s water supply as a means to combat the fire. This can sometimes lead to leaks throughout the property as well as other structural problems. Fire damage restoration service professionals in Santa Rosa can examine water leaks throughout the home and determine the extent of the damage. They can also look for possible mold intrusion within the home and ensure that the family inside is protected against possible environmental issues.

  • Remove Moisture

Moisture throughout the home is a frequent problem after a fire incident occurs, even if the home hasn’t experienced any leaks within the pipes. Damage restoration teams can use high performance drying equipment to remove the moisture from the home. This process can take a few hours but it will work to ensure that the property structure is completely safe over the coming years.

  • Final Assessment

In completing their restoration work, the team will then finalize the process with a thorough review of the home. This final step ensures that small issues are resolved and allows you as the homeowner to review the property alongside the professionals to see the improvements made and to give your final approval for the project.

Our team at Bravo Restoration & Construction is here to guide the restoration of your home. To begin the consultation process now, call us directly today!

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