Discover What to Do When You Need Fire Restoration Companies in Santa Rosa

April 14, 2017

Fire restoration work is instrumental in keeping properties in optimal condition after a fire event in the home. It’s important that homeowners have a clear understanding of when fire restoration companies are required in their Santa Rosa property. In this latest post, our team at Bravo Restoration explains the fire restoration process and what homeowners can do when they need fire restoration work to take place within their home.

Avoid Food or Drinks in the Damaged Area

While waiting for assistance to arrive, avoid consuming food or drinks from the damaged area. These items might have been impacted by the smoke and chemicals from the fire, and thereby could be hazardous to your health. Wait until assistance arrives before determining what food and drinks you can safely consume.

Place Dry Towels Over High-Traffic Areas

During the fire damage restoration work, teams will be using pathways within the home to transport equipment. Make sure that you place dry towels over these areas to keep them clean and to prevent any water damage to high value property during the restoration work.

Do Need Attempt to Clean any Area

Areas that have been impacted by a fire and the subsequent water coverage might be damaged structurally. This can make it more difficult or even dangerous for homeowners to enter the space. Make sure that you stay away from damaged areas until safe entrance has been allowed by a qualified professional.

Avoid Turning on Ceiling Fans in Affected Rooms

The ceiling fan within a fire damaged room should be avoided due to the spread of chemicals, mold and other dangerous elements throughout the home. Don’t turn it on until you speak directly with fire damage restoration companies in the Santa Rosa area. They can help guide you on safe fan use in the future.

Limit Movement and Keep Your Hands Clean

After fire damage impacts a property, soot and other elements can be found on walls, in flooring and throughout the home. Make sure you limit your movement throughout the home, to avoid spreading soot and other damaging materials. Try to also keep your hands clean so that surfaces can be kept in optimal condition.

Our team at Bravo Restoration & Construction is here to guide the fire damage restoration process as one of the top companies in Santa Rosa. To book a consultation today, call us now!

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