Sonoma County Mold Removal – Prevent Mold on Carpets with These 5 Tips

February 15, 2018

Carpeting absorbs moisture and often seems no worse for wear. However, what happens to the shag and the fibers is not always clearly visible. Due to this, your carpet, if not properly taken care of, may develop mold. However, there are ways you can prevent mold on carpeting, so you’ll never need to rely on carpet mold removal services in the future. Our Bravo Restoration and Construction team, who provide mold removal in Sonoma County, offer five tips to prevent mold growing in your carpeting.

Cut the Humidity

One of the top culprits of mold development is from the humidity level within your house. You don’t need to live in a humid climate to have humidity in the home. One of the best ways to control this is with a dehumidifier. It will help your home feel cooler while also reduce the chance of mold development.

Antimicrobial Carpet Padding

If you’re interested in installing new carpeting inside your home, make sure to have antimicrobial carpet padding installed. This is less likely to develop mold and it will repel moisture. While it will be a bit more expensive up front, it’s far better for your house’s air quality.

Ditch the Carpet in High Moisture Areas

You may want to remove carpeting from areas in your home that suffer from high levels of humidity (such as your bathroom). It will be much easier to care for the room, not to mention less expensive.

Clean Your Carpet

One of the easiest ways to reduce the potential for mold development is to keep your carpet clean. Dust increases the chance of developing mold, so by having your carpet professionally cleaned annually, it will go a long way in reducing the chance of mold growth.

Remove Water

Did you accidentally spill a glass of water onto the carpet? Clean it up right away. Mold spores may begin to develop in as little as 24 hours, so clean and dry up the area quickly.

Professional Mold Removal in Sonoma County

If you ever discover mold, it is important to have it removed as quickly as possible in order to avoid health issues. Our mold removal services and team in Sonoma County are here whenever you need us. Contact Bravo Restoration and Construction today.

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