Mold Removal Service in Santa Rosa – Best Ways to Limit Mold Growth During the Winter

January 25, 2018

The winter months can often bring humidity and often other forms of moisture. Mold can flourish in these kinds of environments, which means you need to do what you can to prevent and limit mold growth during the winter. A mold removal service in Santa Rosa will help remove the mold you do have, so whether following a fire or a water leak, mold removal from Bravo Restoration & Construction is a must.

However, even if you don’t currently have any leaks or fire restoration needs, make sure to follow these tips for limiting your mold problems.

Control the Humidity

Humidity is one of the major factors leading to mold growth during the winter months. Due to this, control the level of humidity within your home to under 45 percent. Controlling the moisture level within your home is one of the best ways to make sure your house is protected.

Reverse the Fans

Yes, reversing your ceiling fans can make a big difference. Due to how the fan blades are shaped when switched, it will help draw cold air up and push the warm air down. This not only helps cut down on your energy bill, but it also helps prevent the spread of mold.

Clean Gutters

While you might not instantly connect a mold removal service in Santa Rosa with cleaning your gutters, there is a line connecting the two. If the roof gutters are not cleaned up, water will begin to pool, which will lead not only to the development of mold in the gutters, but it may spread under the shingles of your roof as well. This, in turn, can push the mold into your home as well.

So, make sure to clean and repair your gutters once, if not twice, annually.

Run Exhaust Fans

When showering, make sure to have the exhaust fan running. This will help pull moisture out of the air and prevent the development of mold inside of the bathroom. You also should consider this inside the kitchen and any other area of the house that is exposed to any moisture.

Call for Our Mold Removal Service in Santa Rosa Today

When it comes to limiting mold growth during the winter months, make sure to follow these easy tips. Should you discover mold, have questions regarding other services offered, or are ready to request an in-home service, contact our Bravo Restoration & Construction team today.

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