Why is Fire Damage Restoration Important for your home?

November 15, 2018

Fire is one of the most significant discoveries in the history of mankind. From helping a chef to prepare yummy delicacies in a Santa Rosa eatery to keeping a family warm in Alaska, fire helps to make life simpler and better. However, there’s a flip side, one that none of us want to see. The uncontrolled fire is a juggernaut hell-bent on destroying everything that comes in its way. Every year, fire damage can cost billions of dollars. Though not much can be done to minimize loss to property that occurs due to a fire, once the fire settles down, then you must take steps to minimize the damage and health risks. Consider hiring fire damage restoration services in Santa Rosa to ensure the after-effects of a fire does not render your property uninhabitable.

Equipped with years of experience and tools of the trade, restoration experts can help to allay safety and property damage concerns. Bravo Restoration & Construction is concerned about your loved one’s safety. Whenever we get a distress call, our primary objective is to ensure the affected family can get back to their normal routine as soon as possible. Many property owners overlook the importance of fire damage restoration. However, we strongly disagree. To illustrate the importance of fire damage restoration services in Santa Rosa, we have shared reasons for hiring the fire damage restoration firm’s services:

1. Helps to Avoid Further Damage

For the property owner, the worst is not over after the fire settles. Prolonged exposure to smoke and soot from fire can result in extensive damage to furniture and other belongings. To mitigate losses, fire restoration experts act swiftly and take various steps such as vacuuming the area and covering the upholstery. To reduce the damage caused by smoke, professionals use heavy duty fans that drive smoke away from the home.

2. Helps to Address Safety Concerns

Safety is a major concern for families returning to their home after a fire. To address this issue, fire restoration experts check a fire damaged property thoroughly and seal the openings found. Smoke from fire accumulates on furniture, clothing, and draperies and can also, result in breathing problems. To improve ventilation, experts use ozone generators that break smoke particles. They check the wiring running through the house and the placement of items. Based on their studies, experts recommend certain safety measures to avoid issues in the future.

3. Helps to Avoid Clean Up Issues

After the fire, clean up can be a messy and intense effort consuming job. Not only, you need to get rid of smoke odors but, also need to pump out water released by the fire sprinkler system and the fire hose used by the fire department. To address the problem of water stagnation, fire restoration companies use special pumps. Next, the expert team will use specialized equipment to detect and get rid of moisture. Experts will clean up the walls and ceilings and follow a deodorization process to get rid of accumulated odor and soot.

These are some reasons to hire fire damage restoration services in Santa Rosa after the house fire. At Bravo Restoration & Construction, we understand the stress caused by a home fire. Caring for our community and empathy for our clients is deeply ingrained in our company’s DNA. We respond swiftly to distress calls that ensures impacted families do not have to stay away from their home for long. To talk to our fire damage restoration experts, call us at (707) 837-0675or fill out our contact form to request a quote.  

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