Tips to Prevent Mold Growth in the Laundry Room & The Importance of Using Mold Removal in Sonoma County

April 17, 2018

Has your laundry room experienced any mold damage? If so, Bravo Restoration & Construction are certified for mold removal in Sonoma County and we are always here to help you when you need it. Whether you require mold removal or are interested in preventative measures, our Bravo team has prepared few tips on how you can prevent mold in your laundry room.

1.) Always Wash & Dry Clothes
Of course, the best way to prevent mold in the laundry room is to wash your clothes often and never let clothes remain wet for any extended periods of time. Mold can form on nearly any damp surface, and it is especially prevalent in the laundry room due to the combination of moisture and dirty clothes.

2.) Perform Regular Maintenance

Another way to prevent mold growth is always to maintain the washer and dryer on a regular basis. For example, frequently removing lint will enable moisture to escape through the vent without being obstructed. Another good idea is to make sure that the dryer ventilation is always working correctly. Whenever the washer isn’t in use, it is important to leave the lid open, as it helps to keep everything dry and avoid the buildup of moisture. Of course, cleaning each of these machines regularly will ensure that everything is working correctly and can extend the longevity of each appliance.

3.) Use a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is an excellent and inexpensive way to control the moisture in the laundry room. The optimal humidity level settings for a mold-free environment is typically between 30%-50%. While dehumidifiers do not kill mold, they are highly effective in preventing it from developing in a laundry room.

4.) Apply Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation tactics are another great way to minimize the growth of mold. Whenever the washer or dryer is operating, it is a good idea to open doors or windows to ensure air flow. The use of a powered fan is another way to increase airflow and reduce the chances of mold in the laundry room.

Get Mold Removal Services in Sonoma County Today

Utilizing these preventative tactics can help minimize any mold growth in the laundry room, as it poses significant health risks. However, if you believe that your laundry room is already infected with mold, it is vital to contact Bravo Restoration & Construction, as we specialize in mold removal in Sonoma County and much more.

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