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The Importance Of Mold Removal In Sonoma County

May 22, 2018

Mold inside a home can cause a wide assortment of health problems. However, the use of services that specialize in mold removal in Sonoma County can help you remove mold inside your home. Mold typically grows inside homes due to heavy moisture and is most common in bathrooms or basements. Mold can also be found behind walls, in the attic, or underneath the floor. Extensive amounts of mold can cause severe health problems and even damage the structure of a home.

Signs of Mold
Every home has mold spores, but large patches of mold growth should be handled by professionals that specialize in mold removal in Sonoma County. For example, a musty odor or visible black and white specks are tell-tell signs that you have a significant mold issue. Trying to remove extensive areas of mold on your own can lead to more problems and cause it to spread to other areas.

Mold Exposure
Any time mold is disturbed, it will release spores into the air that you breathe. You can also come in contact by touching the mold itself or items infected with mold. Typical symptoms include coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes, and skin irritation. It is essential to remove mold as quickly as possible, and Bravo Restoration & Construction is a company that specializes in mold removal in Sonoma County, with experts who can assess the amount of damage inside your home.

Prevent Further Growth
Moisture is the top cause of mold, and it is essential to repair any leaks or plumbing issues to minimize mold growth. Another good idea is to use a dehumidifier and always ventilate any appliance that produces moisture. Trying to clean up mold growth on your isn’t an easy process, as it requires protective clothing. You must isolate it to prevent it from spreading to other rooms.

Bravo Restoration & Construction is a professional cleaning service that specializes in treating and removing mold inside homes. We are certified in mold inspection and removal through the Mold Inspection Consulting and Remediation Organization (MICRO). A Certified Mold Inspector can help with identifying and removing any areas of extensive mold growth. If you wish to learn more, feel free to contact us at any time for a free consultation.

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