The 5 Steps of the Fire Damage Restoration Process a Company Must Complete

December 20, 2017

The need for quality fire restoration companies in Santa Rosa is important. Hopefully, your home never requires this kind of service, but if it does, you need to know what goes into the fire damage restoration process. At Bravo Restoration & Construction, all your restoration needs are taken care of, including the additional water and potential mold damage that comes from putting out the fire.

  • Emergency Contact/Service

The faster you contact a fire restoration company in Santa Rosa, the better off you and your home will be. This is something you need to take care of right away before it becomes an even larger problem. Immediately following the extinguishing of the fire (regardless of if you did it or if the fire department needed to come in), you need to contact the team at Bravo Restoration & Construction.

  • Assessment

After your fire restoration emergency contact, you need to have the property evaluated to determine what needs to be done. This will include looking into how far the fire smoke and subsequent water traveled through the property. It’s also going to look at how bad the foundation and structure is affected. From here, a plan is established for the rest of the restoration process.

  • Sealing Off

Now that you know what to expect and what the restoration process will require, the property will be sealed off from the outside. Whether this is sealing off a single window or area of the house from the outside or tapping off the entire property, the process occurs now.

  • Cleaning Up

Removing the damaged material from your home now begins. This includes knocking down walls and removing ceilings that have been damaged. It is often best to replace an entire wall section instead of just the fire spot as restoring just the immediate damage may leave the rest of the structure weak.

  • Renovation

With the home cleaned up, it is now time to begin repairing and renovating the rest of the house.

Trust Our Fire Restoration Company & Team in Santa Rosa

At Bravo Restoration & Construction, all your fire restoration needs are taken care of. No matter the extent of the damage or the kind of work you need done, you can rest assured knowing all your fire restoration needs are taken care of. So, whether you have questions regarding available services or you’re ready to schedule an on-site consultation, contact Bravo Restoration & Construction today.


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