Fire & Smoke Damage in Santa Rosa

October 6, 2020

smoke damage santa rosa, smoke damage restoration santa rosa, smoke damage repair santa rosaThis year has seemed to bring chaos and strife to almost every individual. Unfortunately, things always seem to take a crazy turn at the most inconvenient times. One of these devastating things includes fire and smoke damage. When a fire hits your home, it eats up everything in its path. 

Smoke Damage In Santa Rosa

Using fire and smoke damage experts, like those at Bravo Restoration, in Santa Rosa, will help with the fire damage issues. Here are a few things they do: 

1. Board Up: 

These professionals will go to the damaged site and board up the damaged areas to prevent weather from further damaging your home and belongings. This also helps to make sure that your home is secure for the safety of you and the workers as well. 

2. Take Inventory: 

Obviously the items and belongings in your home have extreme value to you. These professionals will work with you and your insurance company to make sure that every item you have is written down on inventory. This even includes items that may not be able to be salvaged! 

3. Remove Debris: 

Obviously there will be a lot of damage that will have occurred after the fire. It is important to secure the home from further damage. Once that has happened, these professionals will come into your home and remove the debris that naturally comes with fire and smoke. This will help begin the cleanup process.

4. Demolish: 

This is a very scary word, especially when it is associated with your stuff. Obviously the most important thing is to keep as much of your belongings that you want. After that, these professionals will provide demolition to get rid of the parts that are beyond repair

5. Pack and Clean: 

You do not need to worry more than you have to! They will come in and pack your belongings that are salvageable, and then get right to work on the fire cleanup. They will be able to not only clean up the fire damage, but take out that smoke smell from your home so you can breathe easy again.

Unfortunately, even though these are helpful when fire damage occurs, smoke damage also occurs and can cause even more damage. Professional teams may ask questions like: 

  • Were any doors to other rooms open when the fire broke out?
  • Was the AC or heat turned on?
  • Were windows open?
  • When the firefighters came, did they have to cut a hole into your roof?
  • What kind of fire was it (what caused the fire)?
  • Do you or the people living in the home have a chemical sensitivity?

These questions are used to ensure that proper techniques are used to complete the restoration process of your fire and smoke damaged home. If you find yourself in a situation where fire and smoke damage become a problem in your Santa Rosa home, do not hesitate to contact professionals as soon as possible!

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