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Should You Do Water Damage Cleanup Yourself Or Hire a Professional?

June 25, 2017

Have you just found your home or business damaged due to water after a flood or a storm? Your first instinct will be to try to get rid of the water and get the affected area clean yourself. There will be a number of different questions going through your mind, like:

When a flood causes water damage in your home or office, it is critical that you call professionals to clean and restore the damaged area properly – this is especially important if the area has been exposed to the floodwater for over 24 hours. Professionals have the expertise to reduce damages significantly, prevent any potential long-term problems and protect you and your family or employees’ health.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Water Damage Cleanup

Hiring a flood restoration company is the best option when you have water damage to your property.  There are many benefits you get when you hire a professional for water damage cleanup in Sonoma County, including:

  • Your health and safety are protected: The first priority of any flood damage restoration company is to protect your health and safety. Did you know that flood waters carry bacteria, viruses, pests and other hazardous organisms? Such contaminated waters can have a serious effect on your home and increase the growth of mold and mildew. If you come into contact with the water or the affected area, it can put you and others around you at risk for developing health problems.
  • It stops the damage before it worsens: After a flood, time runs fast, so you need to make sure that you restore your home as quickly as possible. In just 24 hours, your property can sustain long-term water damage, causing the growth of mold and mildew. Flood damage restoration companies have the expertise, equipment, and manpower for cleaning up, repairing and restoring the affected area efficiently and quickly. They can stop the damage from getting worse.
  • Your property will be properly cleaned up: You should note that the typical DIYer will not be able to handle flood restoration work. Without the experience or correct equipment, you can cause more flood damage problems than before if you attempt to clean the affected area yourself. You need a professional opinion to determine if your wet drywall, furniture, carpet or appliances can be salvaged or if they need to be replaced.

If you need water damage cleanup in Sonoma County, it is best to call a reputed company for the job. Flood damage is a serious problem that needs to be handled by professionals who have the experience, expertise and the right equipment so that your home or office can be properly cleaned, repaired and restored.

If you are in need of quality services for water damage cleanup in Sonoma County, you should contact Bravo Restoration & Construction. Call us at (707) 837-0675 to handle all types of flood damage and make your home or office beautiful, safe and healthy once more.

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