Four Essential Flood Safety Tips

December 4, 2022
Water Damage Restoration Santa Rosa

Water Damage Restoration Santa RosaFloods can be extremely dangerous. Along with the danger the water alone poses, other hazards like contaminants in the water and electrocution make flooding even more dangerous. 

Water Damage Restoration Santa Rosa

At Bravo Restoration, our number one priority is ensuring our client’s safety before and after a flood. Here are four essential tips on how you can do so. 

Do All You Can To Prevent Flooding In The First Place

Simply enough, the best way to practice flood safety is to prevent flooding in the first place. This isn’t always possible, but the vast majority of flooding events could have been prevented (or at least mitigated) by taking the appropriate preventative measures. Simple actions like keeping your rain gutters clear, cleaning out your drains, performing necessary maintenance on pipes and appliances, and others will go a long way toward keeping water damage and its associated dangers out of your home.

Look Out for Falling Objects

Soft, wet ground mixed with wind is a recipe for falling objects. Keep an eye on any trees or light poles in your yard, they can blow over and potentially into your home. If you notice that an object is about to fall into your home, get out. If there’s somewhere you can go that’s less dangerous, do so. If nothing else, try to get into a room that won’t get hit.

Wear Protective Gear 

Even if the floodwater is clear and seems safe, that is no guarantee. You should always wear protective gear when coming into floodwater. In a worst-case scenario, the gear could be protected from extremely harmful bacteria and microorganisms in the floodwater. But even if the water was totally safe the whole time, there is little cost to wearing protective gear. You should also consider using respiratory protective gear since contaminated water can release harmful particles into the air. Finally, the need for protective gear is one reason why it’s best to have a professional water damage restoration company handle the restoration process so you don’t have to deal with it on your own.

NEVER Drive Through Floodwater

One of the most potentially disastrous mistakes you can make after a flood is driving through floodwater. Although you may think you know how deep the water is, it is usually impossible to tell. If the water is too high, it can flood your engine and make your car stop working leaving you in the middle of a flood zone with no working car to get you out. People die every year from attempting to drive through floodwater. It is never advisable and one of the most dangerous things you can do.

Call For Professional Help

When all is said and done, the best way to guarantee your safety after a flood is to rely on trained professionals to handle the dangerous parts of the cleanup so you don’t have to put yourself at risk. At Bravo Restoration, our restoration technicians are trained to handle all types of dangerous flood scenarios with caution and precision.

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