Fire Restoration Tips for Damage Repair in Sonoma County

October 20, 2017

Hopefully you never have to deal with home fire restoration in Sonoma County. However, if you’re reading this than chances are you’ve suffered some of damage stemming from fire inside your house. In many cases, fire damage does not render a home un-livable. It may just affect a small area of the house or a section of an individual room. Regardless of how expensive your fire restoration in Sonoma County is, the team at Bravo Restoration & Construction is here to help in restoring your home back to its pre-fire condition.

Here are a few tips on how to go about carrying out the restoration process.

  • Determine the Cause of the Fire

Job number one is determining the cause of the fire. If the fire department comes, they will identify the culprit. If not, consider contacting the fire department or a fire restoration service like Bravo Restoration to have the area inspected. Sometimes the culprit is obvious. Other times, it may stem from faulty wiring or another issue you can’t see on your own.

  • Remove All Smoke and Soot Covered Areas

Removing soot covered areas in the property is necessary. Soot is a black dust created when a material burns. It is composed of a high carbon compound and, when continually inhaled, can lead to health problems in the lungs and throat.

  • Dry Out the Area

Make sure to dry out the area. Don’t let the room sit closed off following the fire. Allow ample circulation and bring fans into the room to help dry it out. If the water used to put out the fire has time to fester, it will develop mold, which in turn will spread not only where it was used, but throughout the house. Stopping the development of mold is the most important task following a fire.

Call Us for Fire Restoration in Sonoma County

If you experienced fire inside of the house, the sooner you act to restore the property the better. Often, both fire and water damage go hand in hand, due to the water used to put out the fire. The longer you wait to restore the property, the greater the chance of mold developing and spreading throughout the house. By taking advantage of these tips, you’ll begin the restoration process effectively. Should you need further home fire restoration in Sonoma County, make sure to reach out and contact our professionals at Bravo Restoration & Construction today.

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