5 Easy Ways to Spot Mold Growth

December 12, 2018

Mold in a home has been a serious concern for a lot of people. These tiny living organisms can grow on any material or surface and are often responsible for making people sick. Being a part of the fungi family, the mold spores thrive on moisture, and spread very quickly in the presence of humidity. According to the recent survey reports and studies, most of the homes contain some sort of mold infections due to unidentified indoor moisture problems. Such problems also lead to its speedy growth in damp areas such as leaking pipes and roofs, water damaged basement, and washrooms. Fortunately, you can consult the professionals at Bravo Restoration and Construction to deal with mold remediation service in Santa Rosa, and keep your property in great shape.

Unwanted mold growth in home interiors could possess several health threats, and therefore, it should be removed quickly to prevent any further spreading. For this reason, mold detection is extremely important. It is imperative that you are observant to the indoor growth of this microorganism and take significant measures to prevent it from proliferation. Listed below are 5 easy ways to spot mold growth and keep your home safe from this unwanted fungus.

  1. Search for Visible Mold – Recognizing the natural characteristics of this fungal microorganism could greatly help you in detecting all visible mold spores. This tiny living organism appears in a cotton-like texture, and it usually develops in green, gray, white, or black color.
  2. Smelling Mold – Smell is another straightforward factor that could help in mold detection. These tiny microorganisms produce strong musty and earthy smell. There are also certain mold species that are odor-free, and they usually grow behind the walls. So, whenever you smell something musty or moldy in your home interiors, you can start to inspect immediately.
  3. Search for Hidden Mold– Hidden mold spores could be extremely dangerous because they cultivate expansively, and it is hard to detect them with naked eyes. Therefore, you should be cautious of recurring episodes of a stuffy nose or nasal congestion as it could be a sign of the presence of hidden mold in your home.
  4. Basement Search – If your home basement experiences issues like water leakage or flooding, then it is extremely important that you conduct an intensive mold search in your basement area, as there is a pretty good chance of your basement area being filled with numerous toxic molds. You can look out for water stains on walls or any other sign of water seepage on basement ceilings.
  5. Using DIY kits for Mold Detection – You can get yourself a DIY test kit for spotting any kind of unwanted mold growth in your home. These kits are simple and easy to use and could help you get instant results.

Call Mold Remediation Experts for Fast & Reliable Service

Getting rid of mold can be an infuriating task, and if you suspect any kind of unwanted mold growth in your home, you can contact the professional team of Bravo Restoration and Construction, one of the best mold removal service providers for mold remediation in Santa Rosa.

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